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Cookie and the blue light

Cookie and the blue light

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Cookie and the blue light – it brings as its theme generosity and reflection on responsibility towards the environment. And in the meantime, several situations lead to fear, either fictional or real. The mediation to know the importance of this emotion is a life experience that can help to form an adequate reaction to have fear as an ally for the preservation of life, of integrity.The collection "The 7 Virtues – Stories from Hawk`s Little Ranch was created to motivate parents and educators to tell stories to children, motivating them to think about human values.The characters, personified animals, represent the virtues and tell stories of the folklore of the State of Minas Gerais – Brazil, as well as legends, myths and manifestation of a culture. All stories in the book are based on true events that happened at the ranch of the author's ranch. It's a collection of children's books, with stories based on the folklore of the Center-West of Minas Gerais State. Through humanized animals, the author not only records the oral history, but also rescues values such as respect, honesty, solidarity, endurance, generosity and friendship, dating back to the time of Grandma, but always needed for proper social coexistence.