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This book contains lessons taught by Jesus during meetings at Simon Peter’s house, where the first Christian home worship was held. It addresses themes such as love for one’s neighbor, the value of service, compassion, education, etc. It demonstrates the ongoing relevance of the evangelical message. Easy to understand by all age groups, it emphasizes the need for one’s inner reform by renewing one’s thoughts, actions, postures and attitudes, thereby seeking to adjust them to authentic Christian morality. The weekly family gathering around the Gospel is one of the most useful practices Christians can take part in. It is recommended that Jesus in the Home be used in conjunction with The Gospel according to Spiritism, The Spirits’ Book, or any other book chosen by the group. In families with children, it would be useful to add Our Father by the spirit Meimei.


Francisco Cãndido Xavier, better known as Chico Xavier, is without a doubt one of the foremost personalities of Brazilian Culture in the 20th century.
A very kind individual, he devoted his entire life to the free assistance of those in need. Due to his charitable work, he was nominated by over 10 million people for the Nobel Peace Prize (1981). 
Born into a very poor family in 1910, he began to see and hear spirits at age 5. It was the beginning of a lasting relationship, whose outcome would be the publication of over 412 books, all written by spirits through his mediumship. 
Due to their extraordinary literary quality, the works of Chico Xavier are a real publishing success, with more than 25 million books sold in Portuguese alone. 
Until his death in 2002, he wrote books in several genres, such as poetry, short stories, novels, in addition to scientific, philosophical and religious treatises. 
Many of his books are indisputable best sellers. Some of their contents have inspired films, plays, soap operas and TV programs.