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Frightening stories give us the means to explore the things that scare us… but only as far as our imaginations and our experiences allow. They keep us safe while letting us imagine we're in peril. Stories, after all, are never about what they're about: there is always a pocket somewhere within them for us to drop in our own emotions, our own fears. A box we can lift up the lid and look at the darkness… and close it again when we've had enough.That's exactly what you going to find out at this special selection of the 13 masterpieces of short scary stories, writen by the greatest writer of the gender: Edgar Allan Poe,Frank Richard Stockton; H.O. Lovecraft, Guy de Maupassant, Franz Kafka, Arthur Conan Doyle, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Oscar Wilde, W.W. Jacobs, Richard Matheson. It's definitely a must read!