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Welcome to the book series 7 best short stories specials, selection dedicated to a special subject, featuring works by noteworthy authors. The texts were chosen based on their relevance, renown and interest. This edition is dedicated to boxing;Of all sports, boxing has been the writers' favorite. Maybe it's because of his need for persistence and resilience, perhaps for the narratives of victory and defeat, perhaps even for the relatable solitude of the boxer who faces his challenge in the ring; boxing has inspired large pieces of fiction that enchanted generations. Through the eyes of consecrated authors you will meet the passionate world of boxing, in this seven short stories selected by Augst Nemo: - A Piece of Steak by Jack London.- The Mexican by Jack London.- The Croxley Master by Arthur Conan Doyle. - Champion by Ring Lardner.- Alleys of Peril by Robert E. Howard.- Blow the Chinks Down! by Robert E. Howard.- Breed of Battle by Robert E. Howard.