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Welcome to the 7 Best Short Stories book series, were we present to you the best works of remarkable authors. This edition is dedicated to Charles Dickens . Among literary critics and English professors there is no middle ground: either you love Charles Dickens or you hate him. Despite these polarized inclinations, there is an unequivocal agreement that Dickens had an amazingly fertile imagination and was an absolutlely brilliant storyteller - reading a Dickens novel is like watching a film. Like Shakespeare, Dickens had the instinctive ability to placing humanity under a microscope — meticulously probing, dissecting, distilling, analyzing – to collect the fodder for his life's work. This books contains: - A Child's Dream of a Star - Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn. - Nobody's Story. - The Child's Story. - The Magic Fishbone. - What Christmas is As We Grow Older. - The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain. If you appreciate good literature, be sure to check out the other Tacet Books titles!