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A Woman of Faith

A Woman of Faith


In her amazing memoir, Ester Bezerra reveals for the first time the remarkable episodes of her life alongside Edir Macedo, one of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world, and her husband for more than four decades. Moving accounts from a woman who has overcome adversities of all sorts, and who has learned to assist her spouse in their calling to rescue the suffering in the farthest corners of the five continents. A woman who became a safe haven in times of agony. A woman worthy of trust who was able to endure many battles through her faith. A wife who acknowledges and overcomes the mistakes she made in caring for her home and rearing her children. The secrets of a woman of discretion and few words, who has become a vital support for the journey of one of the most active churches on the planet. The end of her decades-long silence. Never before told life stories. Lessons on trust and love, perseverance, and faith. AN EXCITING JOURNEY OF SELF-DENIAL AND PERSISTENCE.