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Are we all God's children?

Are we all God's children?


The biggest,most convincing mistake of all time is the belief that everyone is a child of God. But how could this idea be truewhen there is so much evil, injustice, and chaosin the world? How could a loving God bear children who spew hatred and instigate war? How could God be the Father of those who do the very things that He condemns? If God were merelyhuman, this could be attributed to somegenetic flaw. But since Godis perfect, how can we reconcile the existence ofso many imperfect "children"? In "Are we all God's Children?", Edir Macedo answers these and other questions,and describesthe three types of people in the world, their characteristics, their conflicts, how each of us can become a child of God, and much more. An enlightening book that will lead you to discover thetrue paternity of your soul.