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Coming Back to Life

Coming Back to Life


Coming back to life is a book consisting of five short stories about the trajectories of five women who had no aims in life and no hope for a better life, but who eventually overcame their hardships and started over a new life. All the stories are based on real facts and they present particular nuances. After reading the stories attentively, we realize that when these women are enduring unbearable suffering, they find a way out. As they are all very determined and courageous and have strong will power, they manage to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties in their life course and become very successful. Some of them achieve extraordinary success. All is not lost in life and we can fulfill anything as long as we want to. We should have confidence in our own abilities and we should never give up. These women are led by this principle mainly when they are facing a new reality which seems to be very far from and beyond their reach. It is worth reading these stories because they will encourage us to reflect upon life. If by chance we face similar situations in life, we will be inspired by these women to be resilient and struggle for a better life. Living is not easy and it will never be, but it is always worth trying because we may encounter some unexpected surprises along our path that might change our life course and make us happy.