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In 3 volumes of over 300 pages, this graphic novel is based on Metropolis, a classic silent movie. Metropolis is a 1927 German science-fiction movie directed by Fritz Lang. Written by Thea von Harbou (his wife at the time) in collaboration with Lang. In a dystopian future (seen nowadays not so dystopian) Metropolis is a futuristic city controlled by high-rise towers by wealthy industrialists and business tycoons, while workers live and work underground operating the large machines that feed the city. Where Freder, the son of the wealthy city master Joh Fredersen, lives Mary, a holy figure for the workers, yet Rotwang the inventor discovers Maria and uses her to transpose his image and mind to his newly created robot. However, the robot will subvert riches by lust and desire and mobilize workers for rebellion, as well as try to destroy Metropolis.