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Internationalization of Higher Education: practices and reflections from Brazil and Australia

Internationalization of Higher Education: practices and reflections from Brazil and Australia


The Center of Internationalization of Education Brazil-Australia, the result of a joint effort between PUCRS and the Australian Embassy in Brazil, aims to become a hub for the internationalization of education in Latin America. Since its establishment in July 2020, the Center has actively promoted the development of research on the internationalization of education, fostering cooperation activities between universities and providing an open network platform for researchers from Australia and Latin America to make connections and learn more about each other's work. It also seeks to foster cooperation agreements between Brazilian and Australian universities, development agencies, technology parks and researchers. In June 2021, the Center was officially recognized as an affiliate of the Australia-led global movement on Internationalization of Curriculum (, with support from La Trobe University and Curtin University. As a result, a new network of Latin American researchers (from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay) was mobilized with the aim of developing and validating a regional framework for the process of internationalization of higher education institutions, from the curriculum to the approach of institutional policies. This book consolidates the work developed by the Center along with a group of Brazilian and Australian experts and professionals committed to the internationalization of education. Entitled "Internationalization of Higher Education - reflections and practices from Brazil and Australia", this work is part of a collection of books planned by the Center with the aim of gathering reflections, good practices and experiences of experts and professionals from Latin America, strengthening their profile with Australian and global partners.