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OKRJourney in practice

OKRJourney in practice


Learn concepts and practices in OKR with the experiences of 42 people leading the adoption of OKRs in various sectors of the Brazilian and international market. Learn about the challenges and best practices in a journey of OKR implementation. "In this work, another goal of this fantastic initiative called Jornada Colaborativa, we have a deepening of the concepts, context-based applications and, mainly, real market cases, which will surely help you in this VUCA/BANI world where short-term objectives are increasingly necessary." - Vitor Massari, preface A Jornada Colaborativa Together we are smarter and more lives are transformed! Once upon a time there was a university professor who dreamed of releasing a book when he finished his master's degree in 2007. After some ideas for publication on topics such as Microsoft certification, project management and service management, the dream began to be fulfilled in 2017 with the book "Jornada DevOps" (DevOps Journey), but some obstacles stopped its evolution after the definition of the final structure for the official EXIN certification and the writing of three chapters. In September 2018, during a lecture at PUC Minas, a click emerged: "would other people passionate about DevOps help with collaborative writing?" Dozens of people accepted the invitation and the book was released to 350 people on June 6, 2019 at the SulAmérica Convention Center in Rio de Janeiro, after intense coordinated work with people from several cities who had never worked together before. After this successful experience with many learning experiences, the team's escalation created great friendships, new initiatives and a donation of R$ 251,500.00 to institutions, with 11 books launched. We dream of transforming more lives with collective intelligence and the support of friendly companies... Antonio Muniz Founder of Jornada Colaborativa, organization and curation of 20 books. Carla Krieger Organizing team leader for the book, curating and technical review. Co-authors Adriana Brandão Alessandro Seixas Antonio Muniz Bruna Milare Bruno Tadeu França Bruno Tarsis Bruno Urakawa Carla Krieger Carlos Eduardo R. Cruz Dani Dias Daniel Moro Eriveldo Madureira Fabio Cruz Fernando Fernandes Flavia Silva Francisco Medeiros Gabriel Francisco Pistillo Fernandes Hermann Rego Jamile Marques Júnior Rodrigues Leandro Mattoso Leonardo Santos Luciana Moreira Luiz Eduardo Labriola Márcia Maximiano Marcos Afonso Dias Maria Angélica Castellani Maria Heloiza Rodrigues Magrin Marília Maragno Marlon Bastida Pedro Signorelli Queli Silva Rafael Vilela Renata de Podestá Gaspar Roberta Altermann Rodrigo do Vale Ronaldo Menezes Victor Patané Walther Krause Werther Krause Yuri Bilinski Escarião Yussif Barcelos Dutra