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When we were presented with the idea of Marielle's possible candidacy, I remember our eyes meeting immediately. Without saying a word, we knew what we, the "girls of education," as she called us, were feeling: Finally! A woman who exemplified in her body and mind all dimensions of social life that were marginalized and neglected in wider political debates and actions. She brought a concreteness to all the institutional political disputes about intersectionality, marks of its own identity, seen through the prism of Marielle's soul. Since the outset of her campaign, Marielle's candidacy has shown its dedication to enabling and engaging political participation for everyone – regardless of gender, sexuality, class or race. Her inclusive and diverse appeal is the foundation upon which her political and electoral mandate was built. This inclusive approach was especially directed towards black and/or poor women, associated with a questioning of the sexual division of labour, such as, for example, attention to the non-reproduction of gender roles in the distribution of campaign tasks.