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"By doing the connection between the starting points of man's commercial behavior with the present day, the author does not show this legacy as the result of research or observation, but of an intense experience, of those who have participated in this theater not as a mere adjunct but as an actor of first magnitude", as says Reginaldo Zero, president and CEO of Fidelity Processadora e Serviços SA. It begins with the interesting history of money from the 7th century BC until it reaches the mobility of today and the digital universe of the future. It tells us in detail this evolution in a way that the reader can understand the complexity of payment activity and establish the connection between past, present and future. By reading this book, readers can understand how the structure of the business chain works and for those interested in knowing how technology has been modifying and accelerating the human need to pay and receive in a highly globalized world. In this way, it is strongly recommended reading to people who, directly or indirectly, are linked to the financial sector, and especially to the payments segment. The book has objective and accessible language and the text flows with lightness, being easy to understand even for those outside academia.