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Podcasting Secrets Unleashed

Podcasting Secrets Unleashed


Podcasting has become a common term nowadays, though there is actually only a selected number of people who are aware of its sense and function. The meaning of podcast is still unknown to a large number of people. The word –podcast, has been coined by juxtaposing broadcast and ipod. These specially designed broadcasts were initially formed exclusively for the ipod. However, later they were made accessible for people who did not own an ipod because of the increasing fame of the podcasts. Thus, an ipod is not essential anymore to know about a podcast- you can hear it on your computer or in your music player. Podcasting is a method by which media files such as audio or video are advertised and circulated over the internet. Podcasting as well as advertising are gradually turning into successful methods of commodity promotion for the various corporations. Podcasting costs less and is also a proficient way to attract attention. The media files mentioned before can be in mp3 format and the videos can be movies, music videos or even promotional videos that advertise some products for the corporations. The podcast extends through either the RSS feed or an atom syndication on the Internet. People can download the podcasts and then use their music players or their computers or ipods to play them. The podcasts will upload on the internet in a short while right after they are made public much like the T.V. soaps. People all over the world can exchange their ideas and opinions in the form of audio files via this brilliant system. Also, all those people who have registered to a particular podcast can hear the opinions and then send in their reviews via emails in the sites for podcast discussions. Thus, podcasts facilitate a 2 way communication. The podcasts can also be just heard on the internet and it’s not compulsory to save the file into your hard disk. This saves both time and bandwidth of the person who is interested in listening to the podcast.The components essential for the recording of a podcast are: 1. A microphone with high sound clarity 2. A computer which has the software necessary for editing and completing the podcast. Once the podcast is complete, it can be put on the internet such that people get to hear it and mail their opinions.