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Prophetic messages

Prophetic messages


Readers will have the opportunity to meet a series of flabbergasting revelations from an outstanding woman, namely Dona Conceição. Many people, hundreds, perhaps thousands, have received spiritual consultations and prayers to their varied kinds of problems. Solidarity is indeed central to her life. Her activities are mostly known in a district at the west zone of Sao Paulo city, Brazil. According to what she revealed us, as part of her mission as a prophetess, Dona Conceição received in the early years beginning in the 2000's a series of divinely inspired orientations to widespread the content of certain revelations deemed most important to humanity. The prophecies present in this book were revealed at the beginning of this century for a period extending from 2000 to 2060. The original was compiled in two phases. The first had the precious collaboration of Luiz Fernando Musa, author to the front jacket flap of this book. The second counted with the contributions of the brothers Reinaldo, Sergio and Marleth Reis, who added passages to the original interview. There was an initial attempt to publish the prophecies by means of an internet portal, but it did not succeed.This fact delayed somewhat the announcement that we hereby undertake by publishing this book. Such delay has caused some revelations to have already taken place and some to be taking place at this very moment, nonetheless, this fact does not significantly compromise the project, quite to the contrary, it collaborates to a kind of referendum to what is to come. These are certainly unveiled revelations to the greater public. Effort has been taken to organize information in the form of interviews to facilitate comprehension and to preserve the content as closely as possible to the original. Friends and volunteers have united to attain the results that now arrives at the hands of the general public, advisors and friends of Dona Conceição.