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The dark sphere mystery and the quantic box

The dark sphere mystery and the quantic box


This book tells the story of Andre's life – one of the protagonists – and talks about a mysterious sphere-shaped meteorite that fell on his farm, in the 1960s. Some days after the meteorite falls, Andre meets a beautiful girl, Julia, who soon becomes to be his girlfriend and to be aware of the big mystery surrounding the meteorite. In secret, they live the most fantastic and unimaginable adventures. Andre and Julia also witness the rise and the truculence of the Brazilian military regime, installed in 1964. Because of that, and attending a request made by their parents, they both decide to live together in the United States of America. Once in America, this wonderful couple starts studying in the Houston University. Andre follow studies Astrophysics and Julia dedicate herself to Geology. This way, with their knowledge combined, they will try solving the mystery of the strange sphere that fell from the sky. During the University study period, they face extremely difficult experiences. But, little by little, as they get to know the sphere special characteristics, they acquire great powers that no human being has ever experienced. However, Andre and Julia always make use of it in the most ethical way possible. Their biggest fear is that such secret becomes public and human greed puts everything to lose. So, if such power to pass by wrong hands, it would certainly be used as a way of domination.