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The PONTES Approach to Music Education

The PONTES Approach to Music Education


This book explores the PONTES approach to Music Education. It presents theoretical and practical guidance for the development of pedagogical articulations and bridges to help connect teachers, students, music, sociocultural context and other variables that surround the teaching realities. The PONTES approach does not intend to be a method. It is a patient and reflexive approach designed to help both music educators and their students to learn and love music. It focus on the development of articulatory and connective competencies designed to music education artistic and educational processes in formal and informal socio-cultural contexts.In this work, we mean by music education all actions aimed at music education for all people who care to convey the musical knowledge and develop individuals through music, not only using music as a means to educate, but also working music as an end and as a support/help/assistance to the individual. We develop an inclusive vision for music education, accepting that the spirit of the music educator is inside of whom effectively develop people with music; we view the field including different types of music educations. I want to emphasize that PONTES offers an open approach to music education. The field already has a plethora of methods for teaching music. Each of these methods selects content to be taught, and organizes it into curricula and programs, lessons and activities. PONTES complements these methods by offering supplemental articulatory means to make them work in formal or informal contexts, with students of different ages, and varied backgrounds, interests, and goals.